Trips around Scotland for English language students from Global School of English


Scotland is a beautiful country. If you haven’t seen it yet, have a look at our video. Edinburgh is not a huge city like London, so you can be out in the countryside within 20 minutes. Here are some of our suggestions for places you might like to visit.

Trips to Glasgow

Scotland's biggest city is only 40 miles to the west of Edinburgh and is easily reached by train, bus or car.  Historically, Glasgow was a very wealthy city, based on its trade with North America and then as a centre of manufacturing during the heyday of the British Empire. At one time in the nineteenth century, over 60% of all the world’s ships were made in Glasgow’s shipyards.


Glasgow has magnificent architecture and first-class museums and art galleries as well as excellent theatres and other entertainment venues, such as the Hydro, where many big bands play while on tour in the UK.

Trips to Stirling and the Wallace Monument

Stirling is an historic town, dominated by a large, ancient castle on a hill.  Stirling Castle was a favourite of the 16th and 17th century Stewart kings and queens and in the last few years the castle has been undergoing a major renovation.  Lonely Planet recently named it as one of top 40 experiences in Europe. There is a great deal to see, including the Great Hall, the Chapel Royal, the magnificent Unicorn tapestries and the Regimental Museum of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.


The Wallace Monument is a tall tower just outside Stirling that commemorates one of Scotland's great heroes - William Wallace. Built on a hill overlooking the site of the battle of Stirling Bridge, where Wallace defeated an English army, it is an imposing structure.  Incidentally, if you have seen the film Braveheart, it’s not very accurate about the history of that time! 

Trips to The Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are amongst the most beautiful places on our planet.  If you like hillwalking, skiing or simply enjoying stunning views, you need to try to take the time to visit one or more of the major towns in the Highlands. Blair Castle, about two hours from Edinburgh, is home to the Duke of Atholl, the only man in the UK who has his own private army!


Inverness, the ‘capital’ of the Highlands, is a long way from Edinburgh and it will take several hours in a train, bus or car to get there, but it’s an ideal base for a couple of days exploring the countryside.  You might even see the world-famous Loch Ness Monster if you’re very lucky!



The teachers make me laugh and they also make me feel that they are concerned for me, not just as a student of English but as a person too. When you are far away from home that’s very important. At the end of every week, they ask what you liked and what they can do to help you improve your English skills.
- Silvana Alvarez (Colombia)

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