Student Welfare

Welfare of students

Our staff are fully trained to understand the issues students face when studying and living away from home and are focused on making sure your time spent with us in Edinburgh is as enjoyable and trouble free as possible.

We have a very strict recruitment process to ensure that only suitable people are able to work in our school. We recognise that we have a "duty of care" to all the students that attend Global School of English. Our strict selection process for all staff means they are obliged to follow a comprehensive induction programme before working in the school. This training means that they can deal appropriately with any situation that may arise and is designed to ensure the happiness, health and security of students at all times. The induction covers issues such as security, first aid, child protection, fire safety and risk assessments for all activities and excursions.

Students aged under 18

The minimum age for our adult General English courses is 16 although the vast majority of students at the school are 18 years or older. You should be aware that if you are aged 16 or 17 that you will be participating in essentially an adult course and not a junior programme. In the UK people are legally regarded as children until they reach the age of 18. This means that we take particular care to look after all our students aged 16 and 17 and we understand safety is a number one priority, especially for parents when choosing to allow their son or daughter to attend a language programme overseas. All our staff are subject to mandatory checks to ensure that they have no criminal record and that no reason exists to prevent them from being in contact with young people.

Global School of English is owned and operated by Global Connections (Scotland) Limited and all people who may be in contact with children are required to follow the principles and guidance contained in our "Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy".

All staff, homestay providers and group leaders are subject to detailed codes of conduct focussing on the principles of child protection and working with students aged under 18.

Some practical ways in which look after our younger students are listed below;

  • We do not allow students aged under 18 to book directly into our student residential accommodation as we feel it is far more appropriate for them to live with a host family.
  • We monitor the attendance at school of all students very closely but are particularly careful with students aged 16 and 17 and will act immediately if they do not attend school to make sure they are safe and do not have any problems.




The mix of students is good. You learn lots about different cultures from many different countries. It opens your mind to the rest of the world.
- Silvana Alvarez (Colombia)

Global School of English - Edinburgh is recognised by UKVI as a Tier 4 sponsor to bring students into the UK on Tier 4 General Student Visas under licence number 18EC8KTJ.