Learning English in Edinburgh – Process Writing

This week we have been working on process writing with our Beginner class. The subject was their time in Edinburgh. We started with ideas, then looked at organising those ideas into paragraphs before starting our first draft. We checked it together and made any changes that were needed before writing the final draft.

Below is Abdullah’s final text.

Abdullah – My time in Edinburgh

My name is Abdullah. I’m from Saudi Arabia. I don’t work at the moment. I like football and I play with my friends once every two weeks. My brother chose Edinburgh for me and the people are very nice.

My first week was difficult because I didn’t know people. I was very scared, but people helped me. I visited great places like the city centre. It was fun, but I didn’t know how to speak with people.

The last 8 weeks have been good. I have visited a gallery and the cinema with school. Also, I have been to the park near my school and the gym with my friends. I have learned new words and I have met new friends. I have started to speak a little English. I’m happy but I miss my family.

I want to be good at English because I want to go to university in Britain. I will stay here in Edinburgh for 6 more months and I want to join the gym. Also, I want to visit London.

Edinburgh is a very nice city but it’s very cold and the days are very short. I’m happy but sometimes Edinburgh is boring because I live alone and living here is very difficult. I hate living alone but I like the city because it is quiet.

You should visit Edinburgh, too.