It’s nice when people say nice things about us

Global School of English exists to help people learn and improve their English. We also try to do lots of other things, such as provide interesting trips and activities and show our students something of the beautiful country that is Scotland and its amazing capital city, Edinburgh. That’s our job: that’s why people come to us. However, it’s nice when people say nice things about us too. Like these two lovely quotes from some of our recent students:

Cynthia & Oswald

We are glad to write about our fantastic experience with Global School of English. We were made to feel very welcome right from the start. The Staff are very friendly. The classes are absolutely dynamic, inspiring all students to participate. Our English has improved and we feel more comfortable speaking English.”

Cynthia and Oswald (from Brazil – shown on the left)






Edinburgh is a very beautiful city, I love staying here and enjoying the amazing places. The teachers are very friendly, available, prepared and thanks to them now I can speak and understand English. The lessons are very interesting because they are a mixture of conversation, grammar and games. The school is in a great location near a main street and you can get there easily by bus. Every week the school has very interesting social activities, visiting the best places in the city and every Tuesday there is an activity called “Coffee and Conversation”, a good way to meet and speak with other students in the school. Thanks to the school I’ve met many people that are now my friends and I often go out with them.”

Riccardo (from Italy – shown below)