From Brazil to Belgium, our English language students all have one thing in common!

Matheus Barros and Elisabeth Dewulf (pictured here with Scottie, the School mascot) come from two very different countries. Matheus is from Brazil, specifically the north of Brazil (where he says there are two seasons – summer and summer!), while Elisabeth is from Belgium. They also have very different backgrounds: Matheus has a degree in music and is involved in teaching music, while Elisabeth is a law graduate, with a Masters from Louvain La Neuve, who, after her course at Global School of English, is going on to a legal internship with the National Trust of Scotland.

They were amongst the friendliest, nicest students we’ve met (and they are all pretty good!) so it was a real pleasure to chat with them about Scotland, Edinburgh and Global School.

Both of them ‘found’ the School on Google, while exploring possible places to study. Elisabeth said she specifically searched for Edinburgh because she wanted to come here and not London, while Matheus had already been to Scotland (and London) five years ago, travelling with other musicians and playing in churches and other venues across the country.

EAch, said that one of the best things about coming to Scotland is the friendliness of the people and that it is such a safe country. They agreed that the small size of the city of Edinburgh is a benefit, especially compared to the vastness of London. They also agreed that the School was really good. Matheus, when asked to name the one best thing about the School got really carried away, saying “the teachers, the price, the atmosphere in the classes, the social activities, everything!” Elisabeth agreed with all that, but added “the way they teach you is very good. The classes are not too big, so the teachers have time to spend with you individually and help you practise speaking.”

Both Elisabeth and Matheus have travelled around Scotland during their time with Global School. Elisabeth has visited St Andrews (the home of golf), Perth (and nearby Scone Palace, close to the site where Scottish kings were crowned many centuries ago), but she really likes Edinburgh. She confessed that when she was younger she read all the Harry Potter books so it was great to go and see the café where J K Rowling began to write these stories!

Elisabeth, like Matheus, enjoys music, playing the flute and singing when she was younger, and she also was a keen fencer (sword-fighter) at school but is now an enthusiastic hockey player.

Matheus, as you would expect, is really into his music and enjoys the blues, samba and R’n’B. Being Brazilian, he has to like football, but he says that he prefers cycling for exercise.

Overall, both would really recommend Global School of English. If you are looking for a very friendly place to learn English, then why not come to Edinburgh and find out just why Elisabeth and Matheus enjoyed themselves so much here?