From Alba to Alba

Marina & Luisella

Alba is the Gaelic word for Scotland.  Alba is also the name of the town where our current group of Italian students live. Alba, the town, is near Torino (Turin) and is famous for being the headquarters of Ferrero, the chocolate makers.

It’s also where Luisella Vernone and Marina Rista (pictured above) teach at the Liceo Scientifico “Cocito” School.  “Cocito” is the name of a famous Italian partisan who fought against the Nazis and was killed by them. He was a maths teacher, which is why their school is named after him.

Their students range in age from 15-17 and for almost all of them it’s their first visit to Scotland. It’s not, however, the first time Luisella and Marina have been here: they have brought several other groups to visit Scotland and study at Global School.  The ladies kindly agreed to give us some of their time to tell us about the students, their views of Scotland and what they think of our school.

fish and chips“The students like it here; they are happy,” Marina said.  “The only thing that they haven’t quite got used to is the traffic driving on ‘the wrong side of the road’!”  Luisella added that the Scottish/British habit of having “your tea” (dinner) at 6.00 pm is also something that they’re getting used to, as back home, as in all Mediterranean countries, they don’t eat their evening meal till much later, “However, they do like your fish and chips!”