96% of our students recommend us!

If you are spending your money to come to the UK to improve your English then you want to have a good time here and know that your language skills will improve.  We can tell you how good our School is, how friendly everyone in Edinburgh is, and how our lessons will help improve your English, but how do you know if what we say is actually true?  It’s quite simple really: you don’t have to take our word for it, just read what our students say about us.

Every term we ask our students (that’s some of them over there, in the picture) what they think about us. They can say what they like – whether we’re good or bad – because the surveys are anonymous (that means the students can’t be identified from their responses).

Fortunately, the vast majority think we’re very good.  Our last survey asked a number of questions about the School and the answers show that in every area our students are getting great value for money and enjoying themselves in Scotland.

Agree strongly Agree Disagree
I liked the teaching style. 59% 40% 1%
I liked the class materials. 45% 52% 3%
I liked the friendliness of the school. 57% 14% 0%
The lessons met my needs. 54% 43% 3%
My English has improved. 47% 52% 1%
I liked the school trips. 51% 47% 2%
Yes No
Would you recommend the school to a friend? 96% 4%


For us, the most important statistic is probably the last one.  The fact that 96% of our students would recommend us (and do recommend us!) is what makes all our hard work worthwhile.  Our students also take time to write comments about our teachers, including the following:

“All my teachers are outstanding.”

“Really good teachers.”

“Thank you, your school is fantastic!”

That last comment makes us feel good.  Thank you (whoever you are!).