What did our students think about Global School in 2019?

One-to-one teaching at Global School
One-to-one teaching at Global School





At Global School of English we keep a record of all the feedback we get from our students throughout the year. We like to think we are good at what we do, but it’s what you – the students – think that really matters!

We are glad to say that you too think we are good!  We have looked over our records from last year and this is what you told us in answer to our questions about your time with us learning English in Edinburgh.

99% either strongly agreed or agreed that they like our teaching style.

99% either strongly agreed or agreed that they like our class materials.

100% either strongly agreed or agreed that they like our friendliness (the Scottish people are very friendly!)

99% either strongly agreed or agreed that our lessons met your needs.

98% either strongly agreed or agreed that their English had improved after studying here.

95% either strongly agreed or agreed that they liked the trips we organise for our students.

And finally, 99% said they would recommend Global School of English to a friend.

As well as answering our questions, lots of students also wrote down what they thought about the school and teachers.  Here are some examples of what they said (with the nationalities of each person where they identified themselves).

All the teachers are lovely. (Belgium)

All the teachers are very good, Thank you for everything. (Switzerland)

Very nice and friendly, I’ve had a very good stay (Bulgaria)

It was a real pleasure to be in Edinburgh, especially in this school (Italy)

I did more different activities in 6 weeks than in all my schooling at home.

I’m a lot more confident now.

A very dynamic team, not only teachers but advisors if we need anything. Having teachers like you was a pleasure. If only we had the same in France my level would be far better. (France)

They are nice and explain things very well. (Argentina)

Lots of speaking. (Czech Republic)

Very interesting trips.

My teachers are excellent. (Germany)

The best experience of my life. (Italy)

Teachers – they’re just great! (Spain)

The school was excellent. (Spain)

My teachers were really nice, I enjoyed every class I had with them. They made a friendly environment where I could express myself and study. (Slovakia)

I really appreciated the lessons here, creative and stimulating.

I would recommend the school to my colleagues for an Erasmus programme. (France)

 Cool that we can decide some of the topics of the class. (Switzerland)

One of the world’s most famous paintings (and it’s in Scotland!)

We all know there are lots of great things about visiting another country to study English.  Not only does your English improve, but you get to meet other people from all over the world and do and see lots of new things.  One of the many things that our students tell us is how much they enjoy their trips to old castles, houses, museums and art galleries.

Anyone learning English in Scotland will almost certainly be based in either Glasgow or Edinburgh(that’s why we have schools in each city!) and will, also almost certainly, visit the other city.  They are less than an hour apart by train and each is totally different.  But one thing you must see (apart from the Elephant House Café in Edinburgh, where JK Rowling began to write Harry Potter) is the painting that is probably the best-known and most famous work of art we have in Scotland.

The painting in question is by the famous Spanish surrealist artist, Salvador Dali.  It’s “Christ of St John of the Cross” and it’s housed in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow.  The photo here was taken by one of our students, on a recent trip to Kelvingrove.

Dali painted this in 1951 and it was bought by the City of Glasgow in 1952, despite opposition from many local people who thought the price of £8,200 was too high and the money would be better spent on Scottish artists.  It is now worth at least £60million and Glasgow Council has turned down a bid of reputedly £80million from the Spanish government.

Will I be able to get … in Scotland?

vegetable-skewerOne of the things we are often asked by people who are thinking about coming to study English in Scotland is, “will I be able to get…?”

The things we’re asked about are very varied.  For many students, it’s a question of whether they are able to get their preferred food in Edinburgh or Glasgow.  With increasing interest in vegetarian and vegan meals, not to mention the major world religions’ requirement for specific foods (e.g. halal/kosher), this is an important issue for many people.

The good news is that if you come to Global School of English in Edinburgh (or our sister school, Glasgow School of English), you’ll be spoiled for choice!  We regularly publish links to local shops, restaurants and cafes where you can get every type of food and our supermarkets have a wide choice of vegetarian and vegan food too.  But you must also find time to try some of our Scottish food – you can even get vegetarian haggis!

Similarly, we are often asked about religious tolerance in Scotland (“Will I be able to go to a mosque/synagogue, etc.?”).  Here too, the good news is that although this is traditionally a Christian country, we welcome people of all faiths and none.  If you are a Muslim, there is a wide selection of mosques; similarly, for Orthodox Christians there are a number of churches you can attend; and Jews have synagogues to visit in all our major cities. Again, you can find regular posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages with links to these religious places.

If you are not sure about anything to do with living and studying in Scotland, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to help you.  You can email any questions you have to: info@gse-edinburgh.com