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What you need to know before you leave home

Online Placement Test and Speaking Tests

All students coming to Global School of English for a language course must complete our online placement test in order for us to process their application and send them a confirmation letter. The test is part of our online learning website, LearningZone. In addition students from certain countries who require a visa to study must also complete our speaking tests. This is explained in detail on the How Do I Apply for a Course? page of our website. The two PDF's below explain how to do these tests.

PDF logoHow to login to the Placement Test

PDF logoHow to do the Speaking Test

Global School of English and British Council pre-departure information

The British Council PDF below contains a lot of useful general information about living and studying in the UK. The Global School of English PDF contains detailed information about travelling to Edinburgh to start your course and what to expect on arrival. The "school rules" PDF explains the simple rules that we operate to ensure that all students have an enjoyable learning experience at the school.

PDF logoBritish Council pre-departure guide for students


PDF logoGlobal School of English pre-departure information for students

International Student Calculator

Worried about money?  This will help you plan and manage your money while you're studying with us:

Global School of English is recognised by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) as a branch of Glasgow School of English under Highly Trusted Sponsor licence number 18EC8KTJ1 and are licensed to bring students into the UK on Tier 4 General Student Visas.

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